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In late 2017, after seeing so many pages full of constant bickering over politics, folks trying to sell this or that and unabashed self promotion, we decided it was time for a new type of Facebook page. No politics, no sales, no self promotion, no labels. Turns out that everybody got along just fine once the labels were dispensed with. Instead of talking about what separates us, we concentrate on what makes us the same.

Since the end of 2017, we are now well over 100,000 members/participants and growing steadily.

Additionally we have created our own 501c3 Non Profit to help underwrite our interviews, events, volunteering and other projects. We are currently over 50 interviews with such folk as John Ford Coley, the runner-up for the Grammy in the 70s, Mike Nesmith from The Monkees, Thomas ‘Hollywood’ Henderson, the All Pro LB for the Dallas Cowboys and so much more. And rather than re-writing what we think they say, we let them tell their story in their own words.

We also throw in some history when it matches our goal of documenting the social history of Dallas. The complete story of how Playboy came to Dallas, how it started on a bet between a couple of realtors and almost ended up across the street from the Cabell building downtown. The history of the first superclub, ‘Louann’s’ as told by the folks that worked there, bands that played there, family members of the founders, Lou and Ann Bovis and Marty Martinkus. The name bands that played there from Lawrence Welk to Chuck Berry to Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart. The list is absolutely amazing.


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‘Memories Incorporated’, aka is our 501c3 Non Profit, a place for fundraising, grants and compliance.

‘Memories of Dallas’ or is our public memories page, the place we tell the stories. Memories of Dallas is a registered DBA of Memories Inc. in Dallas County, Texas.

Please shoot us an email telling us a bit about your story, the time frame that your story took place, who, what and where – along with your contact information.

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